I am a CNRS director of research in the ‘Laboratoire des Sciences de l’Information et des Systèmes‘, Marseilles, France, and the head of the Methods and Computational Anatomy (MeCA) research groupe, located at the ‘Institut de Neurosciences de La Timone‘.

My research is in the field of brain MR data analysis, specifically to adress the following problems:

  • cortical variability and organisation
  • inter-subject cortical surface matching
  • cortical parcellation schemes
  • cortical sulcus morphology
  • correlation between anatomy and function

A detailed report can be found in my HDR thesis (in french).

Profile:           Google Scholar         Research Gate

Other responsabilities:

  • member of the steering committee of the « Information Analysis and Management » national node of the France Life Imaging infrastructure.
  • member of the executive committee of the CERIMED (European Center for Research in Medical Imaging).
  • member of the « Conseil de Laboratoire » of LSIS.
  • member of the « Conseil d’Orientation Scientifique » of LSIS.
  • member of the « conseil de fédération » of FRIIAM.



journals/book chapters conferences with peer reviews conference abstracts theses Journals / Book chapters Takerkart S, Auzias G, Brun L, Coulon O (2017). Structural Graph-Based Morphometry: a multi-scale searchlight framework based on sulcal pits. Medical Image Analysis, 35:32-45. Mangin J-F, Lebenberg J, Lefranc S, Labra N, Auzias G, Labit M, Guevara M, Mohlberg H, Roca P, …

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